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Apple IIe Numeric Keypad Mint in the Box!

I’ve been all-Mac-all-the-time for years, but I have to say I’ve really been bitten by the Apple II bug lately. (That counts the Apple /// too!)

I scored this Apple IIe Numeric Keypad mint in the box for only $52 bucks! I’ve seen plenty of these being sold with units, but I’ve never seen one being sold in the box. Not to mention, mint. Even if you did find one by itself, you still need the internal cable for it. Good luck with that!

Even the box itself is in great shape.


It has the accessories as well as the manual.


Do you know how much people charge for those wrenches alone?


I’ve seen some go for as much as $50 bucks!


The manual is mint...crisp!



Just look at that! I wish my IIe was in this shape!


Not so much as a mark. It’s hard to believe it’s been in the box for 30 years.


I popped open my IIe and installed the cable and bracket.


I then connected the Keypad and fired up the Apple IIe into BASIC just to test out all the keys. It works like a charm.


I love accessories and peripherals!!! The Apple II section of my museum is really starting to take shape!