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2005 AirPort Extreme Base Station

I can’t believe it’s already been a year since I picked up my last AirPort Base Station. Seems like it was only yesterday I added them to my wish list.

When I picked up my last Base Station, it brought my collection up to three. So I nailed them to the wall with their included mounting brackets. I left just enough room for the last one in the series knowing that one day I’d have one.


Although there were many little revisions to the Base Stations, this is the 3rd major design change.

The first gen was gray with a dark gray Apple logo.

1st gen ABS

The next major revision was more of a translucent white with a gray Apple logo.

2nd gen ABS

Finally, the last revision is an opaque white like that of the G5 iMac of the day. In addition, the Apple logo is no longer a gray plastic insert, but polished chrome. It also now sports the name “AirPort Extreme”.



The box is in pretty nice shape and included all the accessories, except the CD and paperwork.





Not bad for $25 bucks, considering the original sticker price of $199 is still on the box. Man, I can’t believe what people paid for this stuff. I’m thinking “Wow!” but actually the price did come down a lot in 5 years. The original Base Station from 1999 was $269. Now that’s a lot of money for Wi-Fi.

Actually, Apple’s current Extreme Base Station is still $179, and I’d probably buy that if I needed one.

The mounting bracket clips right onto the back. It’s then ready for mounting.


If I ever get my hands on the newer squared-models, I’ll have to redo the wall. Things are forever being moved around in my Apple collection.


Another box for the shelf. I think I can call this series complete. (Until I start collecting the square Base Stations at least)