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2003 3rd Gen iPod

I’m quickly closing the gap on the missing iPods in my collection. My lattest addition is a 10G 3rd gen from 2003. It’s in the box and comes with, as far as I can tell, everything that it should.

The box is in excellent shape. When it saw it with a $100 Buy It Now price, I just couldn’t resist. It’s almost unheard of grabbing a gen 1, 2, or 3 in the box for less than a $100 nowadays. This was a steal at $100 bucks.





According to the seller, this iPod spent most of its life in a silicon case. The finish isn’t mint, but it’s way better than most of the 3rd gens that usually go for the same price without packaging.


Underneath the iPod sits a FireWire cable and charger. The 10G entry-level iPod never came with a dock or remote. Those were reserved for the 15 and 20 Gig models.


Also included were the dock plug covers, FireWire adapter...


…and documentation. Along with iTunes for the Mac, Apple included MUSICMATCH Jukebox Plus for PC users. I heard it was an utter atrocity. I should run it just to see how bad it was.


As I said before, the iPod was protected by a silicon case. There are some minor scuffs on the chrome, but not bad at all for a 10 year old iPod.


Not bad at all.


All the lights work. The scroll wheel and buttons are very responsive, almost too sensitive.


I connected it to iTunes and threw a few tunes on it. iTunes picked it up and FireWire’d over a whole CD in 9 seconds. You have to love FireWire.


I had to turn a few boxes sideways to make room for the box. It looks like it’s time to reorganize again.


Also, it looks like it’s time to pick a few more docks!