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2008 Nike+ iPod Sport Kit

This marks the second installment of my Nike + iPod Sport Kit collection.


As far as I can tell there were only two revisions: the original in 2006 and this one in 2008. Once the transmitter technology was built into the iPod touch and iPhone, Apple killed off the kits. Now they only sell the sensor.

I’m sure between revisions the firmware is different in order to support the newer iPods of the day, but as far as I can tell it only appears that the packaging is different. I would have expected Apple to have shaved a millimeter or two off the transmitter, as these things usually tend to get smaller and smaller. Physically, the transmitters and sensors appear exactly the same.

Just like the 2006 model, the transmitter and sensor are secured by a heavy-duty piece of cardboard.


You have to pop both items out from the holes in the back.


The kit comes with the standard issue user guide and legal mumbo jumbo.


Once you connect the transmitter to your iPod, it will display a new “Nike+iPod” menu choice.


Selecting it brings up the Workout menu.


Once you start a workout, the transmitter will search for your sensor Just move around to activate it.


After about a second or two the iPod is ready to go.


Press the center button and the workout starts.


I ran around the house for a few minutes to try it out. It seems to work.


A pretty neat addition to the collection. I’m sure years from now after Apple kills the line off completely, the Nike stuff will just be another obscure Apple product the newbies will have no idea Apple used to sell. Like QuickTake cameras and PowerCDs. And I’ll have them mint in the box.