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2006 iPod Nano RED

This 4G iPod Nano RED was $199 when it was released in 2006. I just scored it for a mere $40. It’s mint in the box. I swear, sometimes I feel like I rob these people.

This is a very cool iPod. I don’t think I would have rocked the RED iPod out in public. Red’s never been my color, but I’m a big fan of limited edition Apple hardware. So this makes a great addition to the shelf. After all, iPod REDs are Apple Store exclusives.

ipod nano red 8
ipod nano red 9

The box was opened and used lightly by the previous owner. However, all the original accessories are included; still with the packing material. The USB cable even still has the plastic cap.

ipod nano red 5

ipod nano red 3

ipod nano red 4

I’ve always found it cool how Apple has always assigned iPods identifiers that lets iTunes and OS X identify and assign a unique icon to them. I think you’ll agree that any other manufacture would just have used a generic icon. iTunes picked this iPod up no problem, and actually knows it’s a Product RED iPod.


It also appears in the Finder as a RED iPod. I don’t know, I just think that’s cool.

ipod nano red 13
After having so many white and silver iPods in my collection, it seems strange seeing a splash of color in there. Maybe when it comes to picking up some of the newer Shuffles and Nanos, I might spring for some in color.

red on the shelf