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2002 iTunes 2.0.4 CD - FAIL!

I think I've only seen two other iTunes 2 CDs on eBay. I remember one being in the $100-range. Insanity. It's a really cool looking CD, but it's not worth $100 bucks.

I scored this guy for a mere $2 dollars. Yes, two dollars.

2002itunes204_0038 36

I know you can download iTunes 2 directly from Apple, that isn’t the point of buying the CD. The CD is from 2002 and it's a real collector's item. That's only a year after Apple opened their first store, and a year after the release of the iPod. However, this wasn't an in-store freebie, nor was it the CD that came with a first or second gen iPod. iTunes was never available as a standalone retail box. iLife was released in 2003 and shipped with iTunes 3, so it's not that either. So how did you get your hands on a CD-version of iTunes 2?

You had to buy a Mac. That's right... this is the CD that came with the Mac in 2002. A year and $1000+ is a very small window of opportunity to get your hands on this CD. It was the first OS X compatible version of iTunes. (iTunes 1 was OS 9 only.) Actually, version 2 runs on OS 9 and OS X.

I was really looking forward to taking iTunes for a spin on OS 9, just for kicks. iTunes 3 dropped support for OS 9, so if you want iTunes on an OS 9 machine, you need iTunes 1 or 2.

It's just that there's a problem...

It's cracked.

2002itunes204_0040 38

Apparently the seller thought it was a good idea to send it in the mail in nothing more than a non-padded 6" x 9" envelope. No CD case. No sturdy cardboard. Just the CD with a small piece of cardboard cut from a cereal box. It was hardly cardboard. More like poster board. The CD is actually thicker than the sliver of cereal box. If anything, it was the CD that provided protection for the cardboard, not the other way around like it should have been.

I hate it when people skimp on packaging. I would have gladly paid the guy an extra $2 bucks to throw it in a CD case.

I guess I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for another one.