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2001 Blank DVD 5-Pack

Along with the iPhone/iPad docks and the 1998 iMac Demo CD, I picked up this little rarity from 2001. I can’t remember the last time I ever saw one of these in an Apple Store. Must be a good 10 years. I remember the days when a single blank DVD was $10. So I imagine this 5-pack cost a ton. Who’d spend that kind of money and then not use them? I imagine these are probably very hard to find.

I saw one site state that the price “dropped” to $29.95 in 2001. Still, $6 a pop! That’s pretty steep considering now they cost pennies.

I’ve seen the occasional single disc for sale on eBay, but never a sealed 5-pack. More often that not, the single discs are sold as collectibles and usually ask a price of $20 or so. To get a sealed 5-pack for $22.99 seems fair. If anything, I almost paid the original price. Looks like these do a good job of retaining their value.




Again, almost felt bad opening it, but I just had to see what they looked like!


Yup, they are just like the ones that I’ve seen sold individually on eBay.


That’s as far as I’ll go. I’ll break the seal on the box, but I won’t open the individual DVDs. I’m sure it’s just like the others I’ve seen online: white with a silver Apple logo. I’m never going to use these discs, so there’s no sense in opening them. After all, I don’t want to have a 5-pack with one open DVD in it.



I guess that concludes my eBay shopping spree for the month. Between the docks, the iPod remotes, the demo CD, the PowerBook, and these DVDs, that’s quite the haul!