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1st Generation 5GB iPod

Having a gen 1 iPod in your collection is a must. I wasn’t able to get my hands on one for the longest time, despite bidding on several eBay auctions. They keep going over $100, and that’s just a little rich for my blood. I’m starting to think I’ll never get one on the cheap that’s in any kind of collectible condition. If I’m going to get one in the box, I’m going to have to spend a good $200 bucks.

Finally, I managed to score a 5G gen 1 iPod for $45. That’s a fair price, but that’s because this thing is a mess.

WYSIWYG. No extras. No box. Scratched to all hell. Broken headphone jack. Still, it’s nice to be able to look over at the collection and see the iPod that started it all.

The battery is dead and no longer holds a charge. The iPod only works when it’s connected to a power source.

I removed the back cover using a spludger and replaced the dead battery with a new one.

Pasted Graphic 400

The battery is easy enough to remove. Just pull it off the hard drive and remove it via the little plug that connects it to the logicboard.

Pasted Graphic 401

Once the battery is removed, next comes the hard drive.

Pasted Graphic 402

Removing the logic board requires that you first remove four screws. The one on the bottom right is under the foam adhesive pad.

Pasted Graphic 403

After that, the logicboard pretty much just lifts out from the front panel. Here you can see that the headphone jack is trashed. I’ll need to replace that.

Pasted Graphic 404

Using a soldering iron, I removed the shield that covers the ports.

Pasted Graphic 405

Here’s the new headphone jack. As you can see, it’s a 10 pin surface-mounted component. Not an easy repair, and not for the faint of heart.

Pasted Graphic 406

Tricky, but I got it.

Pasted Graphic 407

I then soldered the shield back on.

Pasted Graphic 408

I connected the new battery and powered it up. All is good.

Pasted Graphic 409

Now for the enclosure. The front is pretty scuffed up.

Pasted Graphic 410

The back is a mess.

Pasted Graphic 411

I picked up some metal polishing supplies and got to it.

Pasted Graphic 412

Buff with some scratch remover.

Pasted Graphic 413

Buff with some metal polish.

Pasted Graphic 414


Pasted Graphic 416


Pasted Graphic 417


Pasted Graphic 418

Almost there….

Pasted Graphic 419

Not bad....

Pasted Graphic 420

Now for the front. Buff, buff, buff......

Much better.

Pasted Graphic 421

All that remains is reassembly.

The scroll wheel could use some work, but I’ll leave it alone for now. It’s not a bad looking gen 1 iPod after all.

Pasted Graphic 422