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1999 Airport Base Station - This One is Complete

This is the Airport Base Station that came bundled with my “new” iBook. I thought since this was in mint condition, and complete in the box, it was worthy of its own post. Upon further inspection, I also noticed that is it indeed slightly different than the M5757 that I already have.

The box is in much better condition than the first one I bought.

Pasted Graphic 728
Pasted Graphic 729

It is mint. Not a mark on it. Beautiful! I wonder if the previous owner ever used it.

Pasted Graphic 730
Pasted Graphic 731

I was going to keep this one and sell the other, but seeing the subtle differences between the two makes me want to keep both.

Both boxes are labeled “1999”. However, the bottom labels between the two are slightly different despite the fact that they are the same part number. The new one is labeled “1999”, while the old one is labelled “2000”. The I/O labels are also different. The 1999 model is silver and the 2000 model is more of a dark gray.


Pasted Graphic 732
Pasted Graphic 733


Pasted Graphic 734
Pasted Graphic 735

Strange how Apple makes these subtle changes, just enough to make each one worth keeping. Looks like I’ll have to put another nail in the wall.